Codat provides a web-based portal that allows you to use our integration technology without any technical development. It also allows you to assess the financial health of your customers through a series of highly visual dashboards.

The portal is powered by the Codat API, which means that the functionality in the portal is also available if you use the API directly.

How do I access the Codat Portal?

You must have been invited to use the Codat Portal, either by the Codat implementation team, or someone within your organisation with Administrator rights to the Portal.


Portal URL



Note: The portal used to be accessed via and You can still use these URLs but you'll be redirected automatically to the new URLs.


Supported browsers

The Codat Portal is only supported using the latest version of Google's Chrome browser. If you have issues using the portal in other browsers, please try again using Chrome.

What can I do with the Codat Portal?

From the Codat portal, you can:

  • Create companies and users.
  • Generate unique URLs for companies to link their financial data.
  • View standardised financial data from linked companies, and download it in Excel format.
  • View key financial metrics in a series of highly visual dashboards.
  • Schedule data synchronisation frequencies.
  • Configure settings for financial integrations.
  • Manage monitoring rules and raised alerts.
  • Manage access and permissions for users of the portal.
  • View or regenerate API keys.

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