How do I push an invoice attachment in Postman?

When using postman to attach a file to an Invoice or a Bill, there are some extra steps that must be followed.

First, ensure you have set up your POST request in a similar fashion to the instructions as listed here, but with the correct URL of POST /companies/{companyId}/connections/{dataConnectionId}/push/invoices/{invoiceId}/attachment.

Then follow these instructions:

  1. In the request setup, click Body
  2. Select the 'form-data' radio button
  3. Click in the first key field to display a drop down selection
  4. Choose 'File'
  1. Click 'Select Files' in the corresponding 'value' field and browse to find the file you wish to attach
  1. Name the attachment in the 'Key' field
  1. Now you are ready to make the request

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