QuickBooks Desktop FAQ

Do I need to run the connector on the same machine where QuickBooks is installed?

Any user journey should make it clear that the user must run the connector on the machine they use to access QuickBooks. Functionality to email a link to the connector to a third-party (such as an accountant) can help to reduce these issues.

Can a user install multiple connectors on the same machine?

Multiple companies can be synced from the same computer. If a user would like to sync multiple companies: they should complete the link flow once per company, ensuring that they are logged in to the correct QuickBooks company when they confirm that QuickBooks is open and logged in.


The QuickBooks connector cannot currently be installed at the same time as the Sage 50 connector.

Does the connector require administrator rights to run?

The connector operates on a user level, meaning it does not require administrator privileges (admin rights) to run on most systems.

Some stricter corporate policies may require admin rights to run; in these instances, users should be familiar with their internal process for requesting permission from their IT department.

Is the connector fully supported on a terminal server?

It is supported, as long as its running on version 4.7 of the .net framework as that's what our QuickBooks Connector runs on. If your system isn't running 4.7 at the time of install of the connector, then Windows should prompt an update by default.

If this doesn't happen for any reason, there is an online link to download the patch https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=55167.

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