QuickBooks Online integration reference

Note the following information when building your application using our QuickBooks Online integration.

Direct Incomes

Direct Incomes includes Sales Receipts and Refund Receipts from QuickBooks Online.

When pushing Direct Incomes to QuickBooks Online, you must enter Sales Receipts as positive amounts and Refund Receipts as negative amounts.

Payment Methods

When pulling Payment Methods from QuickBooks Online, the Payment Method type is always Unknown.

Field coverage for supported data types

Codat's data model supports a wide range of fields within each data type.

Sometimes a provider's API does not grant access to a field that exists in a Codat data type. Conversely, our data model sometimes does not support all the relevant fields on an object in a provider's API.

The following table highlights selected fields that are not available in data pulled and pushed from QuickBooks Online.

Unavailable provider fields

Codat data type and field


Bank Transactions

Bank account number is not available in the provider's API.


Item bundles in QBO

Item bundles in QuickBooks Online are supported for Direct Incomes, Invoices, and Credit Notes only.

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