Register for TrueLayer

Before you can start to use TrueLayer, you need to register your details with them. You can do this through Codat or by contacting TrueLayer direct.

Register through Codat

Codat manages the process of putting an agreement in place between TrueLayer and your organisation.

  1. Contact your account manager at Codat and tell them that you want to use TrueLayer.
  2. Expect to receive an additional agreement, which you must sign and return.
  3. Wait until you're contacted by Codat, and then create a TrueLayer account as requested.
  4. Wait until Codat support confirms that you can start using TrueLayer.
  5. Follow the instructions in Set up TrueLayer to configure your integration.

Register direct with TrueLayer

Follow the instructions in Set up TrueLayer to create a TrueLayer account and to configure your integration.


TrueLayer costs

When you're billed by Codat, your invoice shows a line for TrueLayer costs. For more information, contact your account manager.

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