Set up Amazon Seller Central Integration

Before you can pull commerce data from merchants using Amazon Seller Central, you need to set up the integration in Codat's environments.

Before you begin, you will need to have completed all of the prerequisite setup instructions here to have setup your Amazon AWS and Seller Central credentials.

Retrieving your secure credentials

  1. Log in to the Codat Portal Portal and go to the Integrations > Commerce page.
  2. Find 'Amazon Seller Central', and select the Manage button next to it.
  3. From the App Page on Amazon Seller Central, copy the Client Identifier and Client Secret values obtained from Amazon Seller Central LWA and paste into the Client ID and Client Secret fields in the Codat Portal.
  • These are the credentials obtained by clicking the View button shown on the below screenshot*
  1. Copy the Application Id and IAM ARN from Amazon Seller Central App's page and paste into App Id and IAM ARN fields respectively in the Codat Portal.
  • These are the credentials visible on the page on the below screenshot*
  1. Copy the AWS Access Key and Secret Access Key from the relevant IAM User Profile and paste into AWS access key and AWS secret access key fields in the Codat Portal.
  1. In the Codat Portal, click Save.
  2. Go back to Integrations > Commerce and use the toggle to update the Amazon Seller Central integration from Disabled to Enabled.

Check your Sync Settings in the Codat Portal

If this is your first commerce integration, update your sync settings to enable commerce data types.

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