Set up Plaid in UAT

Before you can access banking data from Plaid for testing, you need to set up an integration in Codat's UAT environment. You'll need to:

  • Retrieve your secure keys for Plaid's sandbox environment.
  • Update your Plaid settings.
  • Add your secure keys to the Codat portal in UAT, and choose a testing environment.
  • Customise your link site (optional).
  • Enable your test Plaid integration.
  • Check your sync settings.


Can I use live banking data for testing?

We recommend that you start by using Plaid's sandbox to test your integration. It gives you access to detailed sample data so that you can:

  • Make sure you're happy with your customer journey.
  • Retrieve and check sample banking data.

When you've finished the UAT set up, you can use Plaid's development environment for testing, which allows you to connect to your own live bank accounts and data. Follow the instructions in Switching between Plaid environments to switch to Development.

Retrieve your secure keys and update settings


Plaid account details

If you already have a Plaid account, have your account details to hand. If you don't, create an account before you start your set up.

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Select Test in Sandbox.
  1. From the top menu bar, select Team Settings > Keys.
    The Keys page is displayed showing the secure keys you need for set up:
    • client_id
    • Sandbox secret

If you have access to Plaid's development environment, copy the Development secret as well. You'll need these details later, so either keep this page open in a new tab or copy your secure credentials to a Word document or similar.


Public_key no longer required

At the time of writing, August 09, 2020, the public_key is no longer required for integration set up. If your integration was set up before this date, using a public_key, it will continue to work as normal.

Update your Plaid settings

Next, you need to add your redirect URIs to Plaid. This is the location that customers are sent to after they authorize your connection to their banking data. Even though you're integrating with Plaid's sandbox, you need to add both URIs described below.

  1. Still on the Keys page, from the top menu, select Team Settings > API.
  2. In the Allowed redirect URIs section, select Configure >.
  3. Select Add new URI and enter
  4. Repeat step 3, but this time enter
  5. Select Save changes. You may be prompted for your password.

Customise the Plaid link site (optional)

Plaid allows you to customise the look, feel and content of the link site that customers see when they authorize your connection to their banking data. This is the customer journey you'll follow during testing.

  1. Still on the Plaid website, from the top menu, select Customize.
    A new page is displayed with the options for the link site that you can customise in the left pane. On the right, there's a preview pane where you can see the immediate effect of any changes you've made before you publish them. See Plaid link customization for descriptions of what each option does.
  2. To update an option you're interested in, select it in the left pane.
    The customisable elements are displayed so that you can update them. Any changes you make are immediately displayed in the preview pane.
  3. When you're happy with your changes, select Publish changes, and then at the top of the left pane, select GO BACK > to return to the main options menu.
  4. Continue until you're happy with your updates.

Add your secure keys to the Codat portal and choose a testing environment

To configure Plaid in Codat's UAT portal, you need the secure keys that you retrieved earlier.

  1. Open the Codat portal in UAT and log in.
  2. Go to Integrations > Banking.
  3. Find Plaid, and select Manage next to it.
  4. Choose what type of access to company data you wish to have for this integration: one-off or continuous.
  5. Find the secure keys that you retrieved earlier, and paste the:
  • client_id value into Client ID.
  • Sandbox secret value into Sandbox Secret.

If you already have access to Plaid's development environment, you can also add your Development Secret.

  1. From the Environment list, select Sandbox.
  2. Enter the codes of the countries you operate in and wish to allow your customers to link. This will filter the list of banks shown in the authorization flow to those countries which can improve conversion. Country codes should be entered as a comma separated list and the options are as follows:
  • US
  • CA
  • ES
  • FR
  • GB
  • IE
  • NL
  1. Select Save.

Enable your Plaid integration in the Codat portal


Bank account types in Plaid

To get access to all the bank account types supported by Plaid, you only need to enable your Plaid integration in the Codat portal. You don't need to enable every bank account type that you're interested in.

Now you're ready to enable the Plaid integration in the Codat UAT portal.

  1. In the left pane of the portal, select Integrations > Banking, and use the toggle to update the Plaid integration from Disabled to Enabled.
  2. In the Banking Sources panel, scroll down the list of bank account types until you find Plaid.
  3. On the right side of the Plaid row, select the radio button.
  4. Scroll back up the page to the top of the Banking Sources panel and select Save Changes.
    A confirmation message is displayed.

Country codes and Link customization name

If you want to restrict which banking organisations your users can search for during the Link flow, please ensure that you have:

  • created a configuration in your Plaid account (click +Create a config under the Customize tab)
  • noted the Countries selected in the Plaid configuration and of the exact name of the configuration saved on Plaid
  • in the Codat Portal > Banking > Plaid > Manage:
  • add the country codes corresponding to the countries selected in the Plaid configuration in the Country-code field and add the following as examples of valid country codes US, CA, ES, FR, GB, IE, NL
  • add the name of the configuration saved in Plaid in the Link Customization Name field.

Check your sync settings in the Codat portal

To view any sample data from Plaid's sandbox straight away in the Codat UAT portal, configure your sync settings correctly.

  1. In the left pane of the portal, select Account > Sync Settings.
  2. In the list of data types, find Bank Statements and set the Fetch on first link toggle to On.
  3. Select Save Changes to update your configuration.

Now follow the instructions in Test Plaid to test your setup.

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