Managing companies

In the Codat Portal, click Companies in the navigation bar to view a list of your created companies. If you have signed up using the free trial, you will see a company has already been created for you using sandbox data.

The Codat Portal - Companies management pageThe Codat Portal - Companies management page

The Codat Portal - Companies management page

From here you can:

  • Search for previously created companies using the search bar
  • Copy your universal invite URL to allow your customers to share their data through Link
  • Add a new company
  • View details and show the status of existing companies, and retrieve Link URLs for existing companies to allow them to authorize additional data connections, or re-authorize unlinked connections where required
  • Delete existing companies

Viewing existing companies

For all created companies, you will see their name and ID, when the company was added and the user that created them (if they were created directly in the Codat Portal or through Link), how recently their data was pulled, and the sources of their data.

You will see each data connection a company has linked, and the status of that connection:

  • Green indicates the connection is linked, and data can be refreshed from the connection
  • Red indicates the connection has an error, or has become de-authorized (your customer will need to re-authorize the connection)
  • Purple indicates the connection has been created, but has not yet been authorized.
  • Grey indicates the connection has been un-linked (your customer will need to re-authorize the connection)

Clicking on the data connection lets you manage the connections, see any linking errors, and retrieve a link to let the company re-authorize the connection.

Adding a new company

To create a new company, use the "New Company" button in the top right. In the Add new company dialog box, enter your customer's company name, and select Add. You will then see the Link URL for the company is generated. You can now email or send this link to your customer so that they can connect their business data to Codat for you to view.

If you need to see this link in the future, go to the Companies page of the portal, find the company you're interested in and select View Link URL.

In the Codat portal, you can easily rename a company at any time. This does not affect any other functionality, such as data synchronisation or the status of the company’s data connection.

  1. Sign in to the Codat Portal.
  2. In the navigation bar, select Companies.
  3. Find the details of the company you’re interested in.
  4. Next to company name, select the edit icon, and update the text.
  5. To save your changes, select Save.

Refreshing a company's data

To view up-to-date data for a company, you can trigger an ad-hoc synchronisation at any time. This feature allows you to request a data refresh outside of the pre-configured sync setup frequency.

  1. Navigate to Companies then click the company you want to sync.
  2. Click Queue sync.
  3. You can see the synchronisation progress by clicking on View datasets

The configured sync frequency re-commences from the time that the sync completes.

Deleting a company

You may wish to delete a company if you no longer need to connect to it or if you are exceeding any limits on your account.

Next to the Link URL button, in the Portal, select the delete icon. You will need to confirm the deletion on the pop-up screen.

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