Enable platform selection

Key steps required to enable your merchant to select a target accounting platform before they move on to the Sync Flow UI.


Use our Swagger to follow this guide

All the endpoints mentioned in this guide are available in our Sync for Commerce Swagger. You can use it to try the API requests from this guide directly in your browser. Before you use Swagger, make sure to authenticate.

Build a platform selection UI

Within your application, present the merchant with a list of accounting platforms they can connect to.

On select, they should be redirected to the Sync Flow URL where they will be prompted to log in in order to authorize access to their accounting data.

Get available integrations

To get all the available integrations to present in your platform selection UI, as well as the associated metadata, make this request:

GET /integrations

Note that you can use queries to filter the result.

Get platform keys

Codat uses unique four-letter codes, or platform keys, to denote integration names. We recommend retaining the keys for all relevant integrations. You may need them at different Sync for Commerce build stages.

To get them, follow the instructions here.

Platform keys for the platforms that are currently supported by Sync for Commerce:

Platform name

Platform key



QuickBooks Online




Add branding

We recommend that you populate your UI with branded logos of the selected accounting platform. To retrieve them, make the following request using the relevant platform key:

GET /config/integrations/{platformKey}/branding


Incorrect platform selection

If your merchant accidentally selects the wrong accounting package, you can resolve this by deleting the dataConnection for the incorrectly selected accounting software and returning them to the accounting platform selection stage.

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