Test your Shopify integration

Test your Shopify integration by pulling sample data to a test Company

Test your Shopify integration by pulling commerce data from a Development Store to a test company in Codat. This lets you test the Link flow that your SMB customers will see when they share their commerce data from Shopify.


Add a test company

In the Codat Portal:

  1. Click Companies > New company.
  2. In the Add new company dialog, enter a name for your test company, like shopify-test, then click Add. The Link URL for your test company is displayed.

Keep the Companies page open in your browser.

Create a Development Store and sample data

  1. Log in to the Shopify Partners site with your partner account credentials.

  2. Select Stores > Add store.

  3. On the Add store page, select Development store.

  4. Enter all the requested details and make a note of the Store URL.

    Ensure the Create store with transfer disabled to use a developer preview checkbox is selected, and then choose Shopify Markets from the dropdown list:

  1. Click Save.

Next, you need to manually add some sample data to your Development Store. For example, add some products and orders.

Connect your test company to your Development Store

Test the authorization process that your customers will see when they connect their Shopify account using Link.

In the Codat Portal:

  1. Click Companies then locate the test company you created in the preceding task.
  2. Next to the company name, click Request data.
  3. In the Onboarding dialog, copy the Link URL.
  4. Paste the Link URL into a new browser tab; the Link site loads.
  5. Complete the steps in Link; the exact steps shown depend on your Link settings. You'll need to:
    1. When asked to select your commerce software, select the Shopify tile.
    2. Authorize access to the listed commerce data types.
    3. On the Shopify screen, enter the name of your Development Store then click Continue.
    4. Log in to your Development Store, if prompted.

When the Link flow is complete, your Development Store opens and your app is automatically installed into the Store.


Retrieve commerce data

In the Codat Portal, pull sample commerce data from Shopify to your test company:

  1. Click Companies then select the test company you created in the preceding task.

  2. Click Commerce API in the side navigation menu.

  3. View the sample commerce data from your Shopify Development Store.

    If no data is displayed, click Queue sync.