The funnel

Increase your conversion rate by allowing customers to connect quickly

The steps up to the point of connection should be kept to a minimum. The journey that leads up to connecting shouldn't be slow and arduous. It should be simple, clearly communicate the value of connecting data, and allow your customer to get connected as fast as possible:


Why this matters

According to our data, you can increase the conversion rate by over 30% with a thoughtfully constructed funnel that allows your customers to connect quickly.

Encourage to connect in the greeting e-mail

Your greeting or signup email should include multiple calls to action (CTAs) that encourage your customer to connect their accounts. For example, consider showing a simple 3-step counter with connecting accounts as the second "value-unlocking" step.

Ask your users to connect within 3 actions from signup

Asking your users to connect within 3 steps/clicks from the point of landing on your website maximizes the likelihood of connection in the first journey and overall. Make sure the steps that lead up to the connection are as simple as possible.

Consider this example:

  1. A user signs up.
  2. The greeting email includes large CTAs to connect their accounts, with simple "1, 2, 3" steps outlined for setup, with one of the steps being to connect their accounts.
  3. The user is immediately prompted to connect their key software, which can also be used to pre-populate any forms to reduce manual input for your customer.

Make sure the CTA to connect is visible to the users

We recommend placing the CTA to connect in the central section of your application’s UI or making it a permanent main menu option. If you include it in a sub-menu then your users will struggle to find it resulting in lower connectivity.

Use social proof to increase trust in your solution

Consider showing a positive review from a trusted person, for example, a prominent individual that is championing your product at one of your customers' companies.

⭐ Automate the population of setup pages with connected company data

The higher in the funnel a customer connects their data, the more you can automate their onboarding flow by prepopulating useful company information such as company registration, tax number, addresses, and key contact info or company annual revenue.

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