Third-party SSO

Learn how to enable single sign-on in the Codat Portal


Single sign-on (SSO) is a secure user authentication technology that allows users to access multiple applications with only one set of credentials.

Third-party SSO allows users to access multiple applications using a set of credentials from a third-party identity provider (IdP).

As part of our commitment to high levels of data security, we support third-party SSO to offer your users the ability to access our products using their Microsoft or Google accounts. This feature is available on the Portal sign-in page.

Sign-in modal with Microsoft and Google SSO options highlightedSign-in modal with Microsoft and Google SSO options highlighted

SSO to the Codat Portal with Microsoft and Google accounts

Apart from the immediate benefits of saving time on every sign in and having one less password to remember, third-party SSO introduces:

  • Increased security. Microsoft and Google SSO provides additional security features, including Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Simplified administration. Administrators can maintain strong and consistent security policies, and manage and close user accounts with ease.

Managing third-party SSO

Both Google and Microsoft sign-in services are enabled by default in the Codat Portal. We recommend keeping them enabled to make the most of the benefits they provide. Administrators can also turn off password-based sign-in completely and force all their users to sign in with their Google or Microsoft account.

As long as the email addresses are the same, attempting to sign in with a Google or Microsoft account will automatically link it to the existing Codat account.

To manage the third-party SSO services, perform the following steps in Codat Portal:

  1. In the navigation bar, click Settings > Users.
  2. Click Manage sign-in.
  3. In the Manage sign-in methods dialog, use the toggles to switch the services on and off.
Screenshot of the Manage sign-in methods dialog in the Codat PortalScreenshot of the Manage sign-in methods dialog in the Codat Portal

Manage sign-in methods dialog.


If you decide to disable third-party SSO, your users will still be able to sign in with their email and password credentials.