Use Link for authorization

Explore the possibilities of Codat's authorization journey solution

What is Link?

Link is a pre-built, conversion-optimized, and white-labelled authorization journey. Your customers can connect their financial accounts in minutes using Link.


A view of Link's platform selection screen.


Link demo

Try our demo app to see Link in action. The app allows you to set up a company and link sample data.

Link features

We built Link with these values in mind: Transparency, Consent, and Control.

What we believe in

The goal

Link features


The data sharing flow should be transparent when explaining to your business customer:

  • The value they will receive by sharing the data,
  • What exactly is being shared,
  • How the data will be used.

This is paramount to build trust.

Link ensures customers have a clear understanding of:

  • The value exchange on the benefits of providing data access,
  • What will happen with the shared data and how it is secured,
  • Progress in the flow,
  • The data that has been shared.


After familiarizing themselves with the conditions of sharing their data, your customers should have enough confidence and trust to authorize consented access to their data.

Link provides:

  • Visibility of the data requiring consent to access,
  • A way for the user to authorize consent.


You should have enough control over the authorization flow to offer your customer an experience seamlessly aligned with your brand’s values and aesthetics.

Codat gives you control of Link, ensuring that it meets your use case and provides a focused and relevant flow which your customers understand. You can:

  • Customize branding by picking the main colour, logos, and icons,
  • Customize the copy throughout,
  • Provide your the contacts of your Support team and help desk,
  • Control the integration types shown (accounting, banking, commerce data, file upload),
  • Control the integrations available to connect,
  • Allow users to add more connections,
  • Implement destination control with advanced redirect settings,
  • Allow customers to specify their unique company name when a company is created in Codat.

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