User roles

Understand key differences and access features of Codat user roles

There are four levels of users on the Codat system which have access to different functionality of the Codat system.

  • Onboarding
  • Analyst
  • Developer
  • Administrator


Onboarding users have the ability to add companies to the Codat portal and link these companies with financial information sources. They have the ability to view when data sets have been linked but are unable to view the uploaded information.


Analyst users have all the abilities of the Onboarding users (adding and linking companies) as well as the ability to view the financial data that is uploaded, view alerts that have been set, and resolve alerts in the portal.


Developer users have access to all the functionality available in Codat except the ability to create, edit and remove other users. This includes all of the Analyst user's abilities as well as the being able to create, edit and delete integrations, companies, and rules.

Developers are also able to configure your authorization flow, organization, and data type settings, and manage upcoming deprecations.


Administrator users have full access to all the features available in the Codat portal. They are the only users who are able to add, edit and remove other users from your account. This includes all levels of users, so any Administrator can remove other Administrator, Developer, Analyst and Onboarding users.

User roles summary





Add companies

View connection status

View company data

View and resolve alerts

Delete companies

Add and update rules

Configure Link

Manage integrations

Update settings

Add new data from within the Codat Portal

Manage upcoming deprecations

Add and update users

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