Using OpenID Connect

When a customer links their company data, OpenID Connect lets you retrieve standard information from the user profile of their accounting package, such as the customer's name, email address and phone number. You might use these details to:

  • Pre-fill an application form for the customer.
  • Identify accounts linked by the same person.

This article explains how to configure your authorization process to use OpenID Connect.


Support for OpenID Connect

  • Codat's linking process can only return available profile details, which vary from platform to platform. Codat currently supports OpenID Connect for QuickBooks Online, Xero, and our testing sandbox. See OpenID Connect Supported fields for the specific fields supported for each platform.
  • Codat doesn't use OpenID Connect to either verify the identity of customers, or to authorize data sharing or connections.

Configure your authorization process

Update your redirect URL and Link URLs.

  1. Add any parameters that you require from the user profile to your redirect URL. Follow the instructions in step 2 of the Using custom parameters section of the Authorization redirect article to do this. For example:{companyId}?firstName={openId_given_name}&email={openId_email}&phone={openId_phone_number}
  2. Append ?openId=true to a Link URL before you send it to a customer. For example:{companyId}/link?openId=true
    When the customer connects their accounting package any available profile values are substituted in the redirect URL. For example: /{companyId}?firstName=John&[email protected]&phone+441234555666

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