Using Postman

Postman is a HTTP client for testing web services. This article explains how to make a call to the Codat API using Postman rather than the API Explorer.

If you don't have Postman installed, you can download it here.

Now complete the following steps in order. Don't worry, no coding is required!

Open Postman

Open up a new request in Postman. In the windows application, select the New button in the top left of the screen.

Set up a request to retrieve a full list of your companies

Set up a request to the API to fetch (GET) a full list of the companies you've added to the Codat system.

a. The type of request should be set to GET.

b. The request URL should be set to

Add an authorization header

Codat expects for the API key to be included in all API requests to the server, Base64 encoded within an 'Authorization' header. You can read more about authorisation in the Authentication section.

a. In the Codat portal, go to Settings > Organization and scroll to the Authorization Header settings where you can find your API key Base 64 encoded for you.

b. Add a new Header with the Key set to Authorization (note the US spelling) and Value equal to the Basic plus a space and then your Base 64 encoded API key from the previous step.

Your request should now look similar to below:


Execute your request

Select Send to execute your request.

If successful, the response is a JSON object containing a list of the companies you've added to the Codat system.

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