Visualize Accounting

The Codat Portal helps you assess the financial health of your linked companies through accounting metrics and ratios.

How to access accounting metrics and ratios

  1. Log in to the Codat Portal
  2. In the Companies tab, click the company and select Accounting API in the side navigation menu.
  3. On the page that opens, click Visualize to open the accounting metrics dashboard.
  4. When the Page Loading popup shows Sync Complete, click the Refresh button.
  5. Either Complete or Skip the Companies House popup (either option will not affect the accounting metrics and ratios).

Accounting dashboard

The accounting metrics and ratios of your linked companies are presented through highly visual dashboards and reports.

  • Company overview - A snapshot of the financial health of an individual company.
  • Profit and loss - The revenue, costs, and expenses of the company for a specified period. Drill down to compare custom periods and view trends.
  • Balance sheet - The assets, liabilities, and equity of the company for a specified period. Drill down to compare custom periods and view trends.
  • Customer overview - Key metrics for the company's top customers, including revenue earned and outstanding invoices. Drill down into invoice details for all customers.
  • Supplier overview - Key metrics for the company's top suppliers, including expenditure and outstanding bills. Drill down into bill details for all suppliers.

All data is pulled directly or derived from Codat's API endpoints. Currently, only accounting data types are supported.

To gain access to company financials, contact your sales representative.

Key features

  • Data is automatically generated for existing linked companies.
  • Data is updated and visualised in near real time.
  • Formulas show how all key metrics are calculated.
  • Related datasets are grouped together to provide greater context for decision making.
  • Historical data allows you to identify key trends in the business relationships between companies and their customers and suppliers.
  • Datasets are available in Excel format for further analysis and sharing.
  • Companies are linked to their Companies House record for easy cross-referencing against publicly-held data.

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