1. How can my app become a Xero app partner?

Follow this link for a step-by-step guide: https://developer.xero.com/partner/app-partner

2. How can I set up a Bank Feed to a Xero account?



  1. When pushing transaction to an existing bank account, that bank account must have been previously pulled (synced) via the Codat API.
  2. Xero requires a real Xero account (either a full account or a free trial) to be used for pushing bank transactions. Linking with the Xero Demo Company will not allow Bank Feeds, resulting in an appropriate 403 error.
  1. You must first have Bank Feeds configured and allowed.
  2. Then, to create a direct Bank Feed using Xero's Bank Feeds API, you must POST Bank Transactions.
  3. When successfully pushed to Xero, the bank transactions will appear in the 'Bank Statements' section for the bank account in the Xero UI, with the source 'Bank Feed' as below:


Bank Feeds vs Account Transactions

Note that the Codat API does not support pushing Xero 'Account Transactions'. Account transaction are reconciled with statement lines from direct Bank Feeds and can be created / matched in the Xero UI.

3. How are Xero contacts represented in the Codat API?

In Xero, contacts only become a customer or a supplier once an AP or AR transaction is applied to them e.g. an invoice or a bill. Up until this point, they remain as just a contact and not a customer or a supplier within Xero.

To cater for this behaviour in the Codat standard, contacts appear as both Customers and Suppliers if they are a contact in Xero. This allows you to always find the ID for a contact to create either a bill, or an invoice say (as any contact may be used in both AP or AR context)

4. How can Xero rate limits affect your integration?

Xero imposes limits to the number of API calls your application can make. If you reach a daily API rate limit, you won't be to sync data again for a certain period of time. If you have exceeded the daily limit, please contact Codat support team.

You can find more details about the limits on Xero developer page.

5. Why do all of my items from Xero have their status as Unknown?

All Items from Xero will have their itemStatus mapped as Unknown in Codat because an item status is not exposed via Xero's API. If this is a feature you'd like to see made available, please consider voting for this feature request on Xero's UserVoice.

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