Xero integration reference

Things to know when synchronizing data with Xero.

Note the following information when building your application using Codat's Xero integration.


When pushing Items to Xero, the type of the items must be either Inventory or Unknown. When pushing Inventory items, Codat looks up a pre-existing Inventory Account from Xero. This account is used for inventory tracking in Xero when an item is bought or sold.

The validity of the taxRateRef.id property on the Item depends on the value of the associated accountRef.id on the bill item or invoice item. Some tax rates can only be associated with certain types of accounts; for example, Asset, Liability, Income, Expense, or Equity.


When pulling account balances from Xero, the balance and the currency always use the company's base currency in Codat. This applies even if the source nominal accounts are in a foreign currency. This is how the information is retrieved from the Xero API.