Zoho Books limits and reduced data pulls

Information about Zoho Books API rate limits and when Codat pulls reduced datasets.

To minimize the performance impact of the rate limits described below, by default Codat pulls a reduced dataset from Zoho Books for some data types.

The following table summarizes the fields which are excluded when pulling reduced datasets from Zoho Books.

Data type pulled

Fields excluded



If pulling complete datasets, the following fields on bill line items are always populated as 0.00 in Codat:

  • discountAmount
  • subTotal
  • taxAmount

Credit Notes

Line items


Address and contact information


Line items

To remove these restrictions and pull complete datasets for the supported Zoho Books data types, please contact Codat Support. After removing the restrictions, fetching large volumes of data from the above data types can take multiple days to complete.


totalTaxAmount for invoices

Zoho Books doesn't support retrieving the totalTaxAmount for an invoice. As a result, when line items are excluded from invoices, Codat can't calculate the total tax due, and shows the totalTaxAmount as 0.00.

Zoho Books rate limits

The Zoho Books API has the following connection limits and rate limits:

  • API daily rate limit
  • Per-minute rate limit
  • Refresh token limit

Our Zoho Books integration works within these limits to minimize the performance impact of pulling and pushing large volumes of data.

API daily rate limit

The API daily rate limit lets organizations retrieve up to 2,500 data records from Zoho Books per day; for example, invoices, bills, and payments.

If the cumulative number of data records synchronized across your linked companies exceeds the daily limit, you might encounter the following issues:

  • Queued data fetches: these are included in the next day's limit.
  • Failed data fetches: these are indicated in Codat as fetch errors.

The 2,500 records are shared between you and the other users in your organization. The daily rate limit applies to all the linked companies in your organization and to any service providers, such as Codat, that can access your data through the Zoho Books API.

Per-minute rate limit

Zoho Books can synchronize a maximum of about 60 data records per minute—the per-minute rate limit.

This rate limit can affect the performance of the integration when pulling and pushing data from Zoho Books.

Refresh token limit

The refresh token limit applies to each user.

You can connect a Zoho Books organization to one or more Codat companies a maximum of 20 times.

The refresh token limit applies to the following actions in Codat:

  • Linking new companies.
  • Re-linking existing companies.

After 21 connections, the refresh token of the initially linked company (that is, the oldest connection) is set to invalid. Any syncs from this company will fail until the company is re-linked.