Zoho Books connection and rate limits

Zoho Books uses limits to reduce:

  • The volume of data records retrieved.
  • The number of data connections per organisation.

Codat works within these limits to minimise their impact on performance.

API daily rate limit

Your organisation can only retrieve up to 2,500 records, such as invoices, bills and payments, from Zoho Books each day.

The daily limit is shared between you and your colleagues, the Codat companies connected to your organisation, and any service providers, such as Codat, that have been granted access to your data.

If the cumulative number of data records synced across your linked companies exceeds the daily limit, some data fetches:

  • May be queued so that they are included in the next day’s limit.
  • May fail. Codat marks them as a fetch error.

Per minute rate limit

Synchronisations may be slow as Zoho Books only syncs approximately 60 records per minute.

Refresh token limit

The refresh token limit applies to each user.

You can only connect a Zoho Books organisation to one or more Codat companies 20 times, including:

  • Links to new companies.
  • Re-links to the same companies.

When a user makes the twenty-first connection, the refresh token of the first company (the oldest connection) is set to invalid. Any syncs from this company will fail until the company is re-linked.

Maintaining the performance of data syncs

To minimise the impact of rate limits on the speed of data syncs, Codat retrieves a reduced dataset. By default, line items are excluded when retrieving invoices and credit notes. For customers, address and contact information is excluded.

To remove this restriction, contact the support team. When the restriction is removed, fetches with a large volume of invoices, credit notes or customers may take multiple days to complete.


totalTaxAmount for invoices

Zoho Books doesn't currently support the retrieval of the totalTaxAmount for an invoice. As a result, when line items are excluded from invoices, Codat can't calculate the total tax due, and shows the totalTaxAmount as 0.00.

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