Zoho Books integration reference

Note the following information when building your application using Codat's Zoho Books integration.

Tracking Categories

In Zoho Books, Reporting Tags are created using a Tag Name and one or more child Tag Options.

The Tag Name and Tag Options are pulled to Codat as separate tracking categories. Tracking category IDs are assigned based on the values of the tag_id (for Tag Name) and tag_option_id (for Tag Options) fields.

Field coverage for supported data types

Codat's data model supports a wide range of fields within each data type.

Sometimes a provider's API does not grant access to a field that exists in a Codat data type. Conversely, our data model sometimes does not support all the relevant fields on an object in a provider's API.

The following tables highlight selected fields that are not available in data pulled and pushed from Zoho Books.

Unavailable provider fields

Codat data type and field




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