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Account and billing

Sign up and choose an account plan that suits your needs

Free account

Codat provides a free account that lets you explore and test our API and standardized integrations.

Sign up for a free account to get started.

When you're finished testing your Codat solution, you can upgrade to either of our Start-up or Enterprise plans see Plans for details.

Free account limitations

The free account provides a trial of Codat that lasts for 365 days. When signed up to a free account, you can:

  • Create up to 50 companies.
  • Create unlimited connections to Sandbox data.
  • Create up to five connections at a time to each of our accounting, commerce, and banking integrations.
  • Schedule data syncs to refresh data daily, weekly, or monthly (but not hourly).

Moving to a paid account

You have two options when you're ready to move to a paid account. You can:

  • Pay through Stripe on our start-up plan based on your monthly usage.
  • Contact our sales team to discuss enterprise pricing options.

If you're an Admin, you can view the available pricing plans and upgrade via Stripe by visiting Billing in the Codat Portal.

Start-up plan billing

When using our start-up plan, you do not pay any monthly commitment fees. Instead, you will be charged for each active company. Active companies represent your customer connections where you have successfully pulled or pushed data within your billing period.

You can use our Billing dashboard to track your usage and stay in control of your bills.

Sandbox connections

Active companies that are connected only to Codat Sanbox or QuickBooks Online Sandbox are excluded from the billing of the Start-up plan.