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Create or update rules

Managing new and existing rules via Codat Portal

Required permissions

You'll need to be an Administrator or Developer user to create rules. Analyst users can view alerts but not create or modify rules.

Create a new rule

  1. Sign in to the Codat Portal.

  2. In the navigation bar, select Monitor.

  3. Select Alerting rules.

  4. Select Create new rule. The Create new rule modal is displayed.

  5. From the Rule type dropdown, select the event you would like to be notified of. See Rule types for more details of the events that trigger an alert and the details included the alert.

  6. In the Company dropdown, select the company that you would like to monitor, or select All companies to make all companies trigger this rule.

  7. By default, alerts triggered by rules are shown in the Codat Portal, but you can also choose to send them by email or post them to a webhook. To do this:

    • In the Email notifiers box, enter a comma-separated list of email addresses that should receive the alert.
    • In the Webhook notification URL box enter the URL that you would like alert details posted to. See Webhook alerts for more details.
  8. Select Save changes.

Update an existing rule

You can update the company you want to monitor, or the notification methods you want to use for a rule at any time.

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 in Create a new rule.
  2. On the Alerting rules page, find the rule you're interested in and click its Edit icon.
  3. Update the rule as required.
  4. Select Save changes.

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