Using Codat's API

Codat's API at a glance

The Codat API provides secure access to contributed business data from your SME customers mapped to our accounting, banking, and commerce data models.

A single REST API with over 40 different groups of endpoints, the API supports a wide range of operations and HTTP methods, including:

  • Pulling data (GET)
  • Pushing or creating data (POST)
  • Updating data (PUT)

Requests and responses are in JSON and the API implements robust error handling.

Complex business data—like orders, payments, and taxes—is represented as data types using logical and consistent schemas.

The API is secured using an OAuth 2.0 authentication flow.

Over 30 different API integrations provide connectivity between the Codat API and supported financial systems.

If you want to build to our API directly, you can explore all endpoints and schemas in our API Reference documentation.