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Learn about our Plaid integration

Plaid is a third-party provider of banking services with connections to bank accounts at over 11,000 financial institutions across the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. Plaid's services are regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Our banking integration with Plaid lets you securely connect to and retrieve your SMB customers' banking data in a standardized format.

Supported financial institutions

You'll automatically gain access to any new financial institutions that Plaid adds to their platform.

Data type coverage

View the coverage of our Plaid integration in the Data coverage explorer.

The following banking data is available through the integration:

Instant Auth and Instant Match

Within our Plaid integration, we support Instant Auth, and enable the fallback to Instant Match as standard where Instant Auth is not available. These functionalities provide credential-based login for almost 7,000 financial institutions.

Data mappings between Plaid and Codat

Plaid's pricing tiers give you access to specific products from your configured banking data sources. You need to have all of the Plaid products from the following table enabled and available for use within your Plaid account:

Codat data typeAssociated Plaid product
Bank accountsAuth, Identity, Institution
Bank transactionsTransactions
Bank account balancesAsset Reports
Bank Transaction CategoriesN/A. These categories are provided by Codat's categorization model and do not use Plaid's categories.

Sync Settings for Plaid

Because Plaid charges per API call for some endpoints, we recommend syncing data for Account balances no more frequently than daily. You may also wish to only sync other data types on demand, rather than on a schedule to reduce associated costs.

Proxy access

If you need to access additional Plaid products, you can enable proxy access to additional banking data.

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