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Build powerful applications with financial data

Codat solves challenges for developers building the next generation of financial products for small businesses.

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Our products help you make the most of your customers' consented business data.

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We support a variety of use cases, helping you simplify and automate your processes and improving your customers' digital experience.

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  • Discover key concepts Codat's solutions use and see how they interconnect with each other.

  • View our opinionated tutorials and build guides to fast-track your proficiency with Codat.

  • Get your solution build started quickly with our official product libraries in different languages.

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  • See how to get your auth header or API key to authenticate with Codat's APIs.

  • Get event notifications with our robust and streamlined webhook messaging solution.

  • View configuration details for our accounting integrations.

  • Embed our auth flow in your application UI using our low-code component.

  • Start using the Codat API endpoints through our interactive API references.

  • Learn the basics and see examples of filtering Codat's response data.

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