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Authorization flow

Get access to your SMB customers' data with Link SDK

Authorization is a key part of any solution built with Codat. Each of your SMB customers must authorize access to their data before you can use that data. A frictionless and reassuring auth flow is essential for receiving the authorization from your SMB customers.

To achieve this, use our Link SDK component and embed our Link auth flow in your application.

Link is our pre-built white-label authorization journey, designed using our extensive build experience and authorization best practices to maximize conversion.

Embed this best-in-class auth flow into your user journey with our Link SDK component and enjoy an average auth flow completion rate of 89%.

With our rich examples and an interactive demo, we have made it easy for you to get started. You can have the flow up and running in your front-end code with just a few lines of code.


  • Intuitive UI based on our expertise and learned best practices ensures a high-converting auth flow
  • Authentication in line with OAuth 2.0 standards
  • Customizable UI that reflects your company branding
  • React and non-React JavaScript compatible pre-built component for fast implementation
  • Dynamic imports mean your auth flow will never fall behind our API
Connection Management SDK

Enhance the auth flow functionality and give your customers the ability to manage the access permissions by using our Connection Management SDK in your front-end code.


  • Transparency

    Link ensures customers have a clear understanding of what exactly is being shared, how the data will be used, and the value they will receive by sharing the data.

  • Consent

    Link provides visibility of the data requiring consent to access, developing enough confidence and trust to authorize consented access to their data.

  • Control

    Codat gives you control of the auth flow so you can serve your use case, provide an experience aligned with your brand, and give your customers an intuitive user experience.

Supported products and integrations

Link is compatible with our entire product range except Sync for Commerce. To set up your Sync for Commerce authorization flow, follow the instructions in our dedicated documentation.

Browser and mobile compatibility of Link varies for different integrations:

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