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Reference content

  • Documentation

    Begin with our core concepts, or press Ctrl-K to bring up the quick search bar to find the information you need.

  • API reference

    Jump in and start using the Codat API endpoints through our interactive API references.

  • Libraries

    Use our client library SDKs to get building quickly.

  • Ask Cochat

    Having trouble? Get instant assistance with Cochat, our beta AI tool trained on the Codat docs. Try asking it a question or read more.

Beginner guides

  • First steps guide

    A practical introduction to Codat's Portal and API.

    See the guide →.

  • Video guide: Your first 10 minutes

    From signing up to syncing data in 10 minutes.

    See the guide →.


  • Invoice financing

    See the tutorial →

    Lend against invoices leveraging our Accounting API

  • Streamline your customers' Accounts Payable processes

  • Bank feeds reconciliation with QuickBooks Online

    See the tutorial →

    Save your customers' time by automating bank transaction reconciliation

  • Building a prototype dashboard with Retool

    Watch video →

    Ingest and visualize Codat data in a custom Retool dashboard in 10 minutes

  • Loan writeback

    Follow the guide →

    Follow our best practices to correctly account for a loan programmatically

  • Loan qualification

    Follow the guide →

    See how Codat helps check a loan applicant’s finances and automate decision-making

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