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Sync for Expenses

Embedded accounting integrations for corporate card providers.

Sync for Expenses is an API and a set of supporting tools. It has been built to enable corporate card and expense management platforms to provide high-quality integrations with multiple accounting platforms through a standardized API.

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Supported integrations


  • Standardized data

    Sync for Expenses is completely standardized with a data model based on expense card providers.

  • Receipt capture

    Easily upload receipts against an expense, enabling full auditability for your SMB customer.

  • Two-way sync

    Sync for Expenses stays in touch with the SMB’s general ledger so your integrations are more robust and reliable.

Connect to your SMB's accounting platform

Codat handles authorization and linking to your SMB's accounting platform and takes into account intricate details such as rate limits.

Categorize and tag expenses

Expenses can be categorized according to your SMB's bookkeeping.

Sync for Expenses attributes the spend to the correct chart of accounts and enables further categorization via tracking categories which can represent departments and locations.

Push any expenses easily

Everyday purchases can be pushed to the SMB's accounting platform where they are represented with an expense. Sync for Expenses also enables SMB users to push attachments for complete auditability.

Synchronize and map expenses with control

Once a categorized expense has been pushed, a sync can be initiated. The sync processes the expenses and maps them into the format required by the accounting platform.