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Learn about our Xero integration

You can synchronize accounting data with Xero using our Xero integration.

Data type coverage

View the coverage of our Xero integration in the Data coverage explorer.

For more details about the supported data types and operations, see Xero FAQs.

Supplemental data

This integration supports the ability to include additional fields within our standard data types when fetching, creating, or updating records. Read more about supplemental data and how you can use it for this integration.

Set up the integration

See Set up the Xero integration to learn how to set up and enable the integration.

Xero App Partnership

If you want to have more than 25 Xero connections, you'll need to join the Xero App Partner Program. For guidance on the application process, see Become a Xero App Partner.

Xero Bank Feeds

If you want to create or update bank transactions in Xero, you'll need to use our Xero Bank Feeds API.

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