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Become a Xero App Partner

Unlock the full value of connectivity with Xero by becoming a Xero App Partner

Once you have set up your Xero integration, you should consider becoming a Xero App Partner. This is an essential step if you want to use your Xero integration at scale.

Xero App Partners can:

  • Exceed the 25 company connection cap that Xero puts on uncertified apps
  • Reach millions of Xero subscribers and advisors on the Xero App Store

It can take several months to become a Xero App Partner, so we advise you to begin the process well before you need to connect more than 25 Xero users via your integration.

We recommend speaking with your account manager at Codat before you apply for partnership. When you are ready to start, we will introduce you to Xero’s Partnerships team.

Types of App Partners

  • Financial Services Partners (e.g. Bank Feeds, Lending, and Payments use cases)
  • App Store Partners (all other use cases)

Some Financial Services use cases are not eligible for Xero Partnership. Speak to your Codat account manager for guidance on how Xero categorizes your use case.

Steps required to become an App Partner

  • Submit an application
  • Sign Xero’s Partner Agreement
  • Pass a technical certification process

Xero’s technical requirements

Xero’s technical requirements can be complex and vary by use case. Codat’s products take care of many of Xero’s requirements for you, but there are some that require you to take action.

We recommend working closely with Codat to ensure Xero’s technical requirements are addressed during your implementation.

Xero’s commercial framework

Xero may have a fee structure for your use case. For guidance on Xero fees, please speak to your Codat account manager.

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