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Sync for Payables

Handle your customers' most complex accounts payable workflows across all major accounting platforms with our fully-featured bill pay solution

What is it?

Sync for Payables is the hassle-free way to integrate your

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pay product with your customers' accounting software so you can keep their supplier information, invoices, and payments in sync.

We designed Sync for Payables to handle even the most complex accounts payable workflows with ease, including scenarios that manage credit notes, refunds, partial payments, and bulk payments. Embed it into your application to automate and streamline your customers'

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payments and reconcile them across all major accounting platforms.

Who is it for?

We designed and built Sync for Payables for neobanks, expense management providers, and B2B payment providers. Use this solution kit in your application and automate your customers' bill payments, eliminating duplication of effort, so you can enjoy increased payment volumes as a result.

Why use it?

  • Increase share of wallet

    Enable your customers to easily pay their bills through your software and increase your share of wallet as a result.

  • Get to market faster

    Make your accounts payable solution compatible with all of the major accounting and ERP systems.

  • Leverage standardized data

    Take advantage of our standardized data model to quickly and easily sync bills and bill payments with all of the major accounting platforms.

  • Support simple reconciliation

    We provide a complete solution to handle the complexity of reconciling bill payments, from bulk payments to credit notes and partial payments.

How does it work?

With Sync for Payables, you can build a solution that covers all the key steps of bill management and payment, catering even to the most complex scenarios. The most common scenario of pulling a bill from the accounting platform and reflecting a subsequent payment is represented on the diagram.

Accounts payable workflow supported by Codat

Configure customer

Start by creating a

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to represent your SMB customer in Codat. Then, establish its connection to the customer's accounting platform. We will handle the authorization and linking to that platform - all we need is for your SMB to approve this access via our auth flow.

Get customer's bills

Next, let your customer choose the

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- Codat's term for accounts payable invoices - they want to pay. Get a list of their existing unpaid bills and display them in your application, and enable them to create new bills.

Help your customer manage reference data in preparation to paying these bills:

Record payments

When your customer completes a bill payment using your application, send the payment details to Codat. We will reflect this transaction in your customer's accounting platform and reconcile it against the original bill, handling the complexities and marking it as paid.

You can then display the updated list of bills to your customer so they can keep track of their spend and outstanding bills through your application.

Supported integrations

Build with client libraries

Use our comprehensive SDKs to kick-start and simplify your developers' journey automating accounts payable. The SDKs come in multiple languages and provide sample requests and responses for the full range of accounts payable workflows.

Get started with Java

Set up the components of your accounts payable solution: