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Sync for Payables

Embedded accounting integrations for accounts payable automation.

This automation streamlines your customers' accounts payable workflow, replacing manual tasks and eliminates duplication of effort, leading to increased payment volumes as a result.

How Codat can help

Codat supports neobanks and spend management and B2B payment providers with their integration requirements by leveraging the Sync for Payables product.

It enables small and medium sized businesses to track and manage their spend with their chosen application and ensure that their financial reports are kept up to date.

Why use Sync for Payables?

  • Increase share of wallet

    Enable your customers to easily pay their bills through your software and increase your share of wallet as a result.

  • Expand addressable market

    Make your accounts payable solution compatible with all of the major accounting and ERP systems.

  • Leverage standardized data

    Take advantage of our standardized data model to quickly and easily sync bills and bill payments with all of the major accounting platforms.

  • Support simple reconciliation

    We provide a complete solution to handle the complexity of reconciling bill payments, from bulk payments to credit notes and partial payments.

How it works

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Connect to your SMB's accounting platform

Codat handles authorization and linking to your SMB's accounting platform and takes into account intricate details such as rate limits.

Retrieve accounts payable invoices

A list of unpaid bills (accounts payable invoices) can be retrieved from the accounting platform, in the Accounting API a bill is an itemised record of goods purchased from or services provided by a supplier. Alternatively, Bills can also be created within your application and then synchronised to the accounting platform.

Payment account mapping

Once Authorised, you can use the bank accounts endpoint to retrieve a list of accounts which can be mapped enabling the user to dictate which account their payments should be reconciled to.

Payment reconciliation

Once the transaction is completed, a bill payment can then be pushed to the customers accounting platform and reconciled against the bill marking it as paid.

Compatible integrations


Start building

Codat provides you with demo guides, where you can see our products in action. View our demo built specifically for the bill payments use case:

  • Demo app guide

    Follow the demo guide to see how to implement your own bill payment solution using Codat's API, from connecting to your customer's accounting platform, to paying and reconciling bills.

    Read more →

  • Accounts payable - Retrieve and create bills using Sync for Payables.
  • Payments - Reconcile payments to the SMB's accounting software.