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An introduction to Codat's APIs

While the Portal provides a simple way of exploring data, you'll need to use the Codat API to get the most out of your company data.


We've packaged up Codat's functionality mainly by product, with our Platform API providing core functionalities used across our product. You can explore each API and its endpoints in our API references.

Product APIDescription
Bank Feeds APISet up bank feeds from accounts in your application to supported accounting platforms.
Lending APIMake credit decisions backed by enhanced financials, metrics, reports, and data integrity features.
Sync for CommercePush merchants' data from your e-commerce or point-of-sale (POS) platform into your merchants' accounting platform.
Sync for ExpensesStreamline expense reconciliation from the corporate card and expense management systems to your customers' accounting platforms.
Sync for PayablesMake it easier for your customers to manage and pay suppliers from a single interface.
Sync for PayrollSimplify payroll reconciliation from your application to your customers' accounting platforms.

Explore the underlying OpenAPI Spec.

Don't see what you're looking for?
We've recently reorganized our products. You can find the OpenAPI specifications you may have been using before here:
  • Sync for Commerce API v1
  • Sync for Expenses API v1
  • Accounting API
  • Banking API
  • Commerce API
  • Utilities

    Platform APIManage the building blocks of Codat, including companies, connections, and more. Prev. 'Common API'
    Files APICapture your SMB's business documents with our file upload functionality.

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