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Codat APIs

An introduction to Codat's APIs

  • /Common API - Manage the building blocks of Codat, including companies, connections, and more.
  • /Accounting API - Access standardized accounting data from our accounting integrations.
  • /Banking API - Access standardized banking data from our banking integrations.
  • /Commerce API - Access standardized commerce data from our commerce integrations.
  • /Bank Feeds API - Set up bank feeds from accounts in your application to supported accounting platforms.
  • /Assess API - Make credit decisions backed by enhanced financials, metrics, reports, and data integrity features.
  • /Sync for Commerce API - Push merchants' data from your ecommerce or point-of-sale (POS) platform into your merchants' accounting platform.
  • /Sync for Expenses API - Push expenses to accounting platforms.
  • /Files API - Capture your SMB's business documents with our file upload functionality.

Explore the underlying OpenAPI Spec.