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Retrieve company data

Learn how to manage companies, their connections, and their data via API

Once you've create a company, you can start retrieving data.

Pulling data

Once company is onboarded, you can start retrieving their financial data.

Queue a new data sync (Optional)

If there are datasets which are not as up-to-date as you require, you can queue a data sync as described here.

Once you've queued the sync, you can poll the GET /companies/{companyId}/dataStatus endpoint (as described above) to monitor progress of the sync.

Configuring the sync schedule

You can configure a sync schedule in the Codat portal to keep each data type at an acceptable freshness. For more information, please refer to your onboarding docs or raise a ticket with our support team through the support request form.

Request a specific data type

Codat exposes endpoints that enable you to easily query each of the supported data types.

For example, when querying invoices, you can use the GET /companies/{companyId}/data/invoices endpoint, with query string parameters as below:

  • pageSize – the size of page you wish to retrieve
  • page – which page number you wish to retrieve
  • orderBy – the property you wish to order the response by
  • query – any filter you wish to perform on the returned data (see Querying for details)

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