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Managing companies in the portal

Learn how to manage companies, their connections, and their data via Portal

In the Codat Portal, click Companies in the navigation bar to view a list of your created companies. If you have signed up using the free trial, you will see a company has already been created for you using sandbox data.

From here you can:

Add a company

1. Create a new company

To create a new company, use the New Company button in the top right corner of the Companies view. In the Add new company dialog box, enter your customer's company name, and select Add.

You can rename a company at any time. This doesn't affect the connection. Next to the company name, click on the "pencil" icon and update the name in the text field that appears. Save the changes.

2. Authorize the company

To link a company via Portal, follow the instructions here.

You can also learn more about Link.

3. Queue data refresh

You can trigger data refresh to request data outside of the pre-configured sync setup frequency.

  1. Navigate to Companies and select the company you want to sync.
  2. Click the Refresh data icon.
  3. To see the synchronization progress and outcomes, click Pull history. The history is updated in real time.
  4. Once the refresh has been completed, you can view the latest data.

The configured sync frequency re-commences from the time of the last successful sync.

The Data type settings page in the Codat portal allows users to set a default synchronization frequency for each data type to ensure your customers' data is kept up-to-date. The available options are hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

If you require a more specific schedule, you queue data sync using Codat's API.

For more information on configuring your sync settings, please see Data type settings.

Token expiry and connection de-authorization

For some accounting platforms, if you don’t synchronize the data of a company for a significant time period (between 60 and 100 days) authorization is revoked. In this case, provide your customer with a new link URL so that they can renew your access to their data.

Manage existing companies

The Companies page

In the companies view, you can see the following information for every company:

  • Company name
  • Company ID
  • Name of the Portal user that created the company
  • Date and time of the company creation
  • Date and time of the last pull of data
  • Data connections and their statuses

Data connection statuses

  • Green indicates the connection is linked, and data can be refreshed from the connection
  • Red indicates the connection has an error, or has become de-authorized (your customer will need to re-authorize the connection)
  • Purple indicates the connection has been created but has not yet been authorized
  • Grey indicates the connection has been un-linked (your customer will need to re-authorize the connection)

Clicking on a data connection allows you to manage the connection and see any linking errors.

View company data

Click on a company to access information pertaining to it:

  • A brief Summary that includes the company's revenue, operating profit, and equity, as well as an activity log.
  • The Manage connections menu that lets you copy the LInk URL and unlink or delete an existing connection.
  • Company's Data and Data history, including the history of dataset pulls and their statuses, and uploaded files.

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