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Use cases with Codat

Codat's product range supports a variety of use cases, helping you simplify and automate your processes and improving your customers' digital experience

  • Lending

    Evaluate borrowers' financial history, income, assets, and debts to determine financial risk.

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  • Managing expenses

    Integrate data from corporate cards and expenses management platforms into accounting platforms your customers use.

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  • Integrating commerce data

    Integrate high-volume sales and payment data from PoS, eCommerce, and payments platforms into your SMBs' accounting platforms.

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  • Managing payroll

    Integrate your customers' payroll data from their HR and payroll platforms into their accounting platforms to support its reconciliation.

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  • Dashboarding

    Pull real-time SMB data from accounting platforms and display it in your platform, providing insight to your customers.

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  • Automating payables

    Automate your customers' accounts payable processes by reflecting bills from their business software and suppliers in their accounting platforms.

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  • Automating receivables

    Automate your customers' accounts receivable processes by reflecting outstanding and received invoices from their buyers in their accounting platforms.

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  • Reconciling bank transactions

    Pushing your customers' bank transaction data into accounting platform's bank transaction ledgers for reconcilliation.

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