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Lending API

Our Lending API helps you make smarter credit decisions on small businesses by enabling you to pull your customers' latest data from accounting, banking, and commerce platforms they are already using. It also includes features to help providers verify the accuracy of data and process it more efficiently.

What is it?

Our Lending API is built on top of the latest accounting, commerce, and banking data, providing you with the most important data points you need to get a full picture of SMB creditworthiness and make a comprehensive assessment of your customers.

Who is it for?

Our Lending API is best for digital lenders, neobanks, corporate card providers, and commerce platforms who want to make an assessment of a small business's financial health and performance.

Why use it?

We have done the heavy lifting for you by building integrations to the platforms your customers already use and handling the complexity of standardization. Our Lending API comes with a range of features that make customer data easier to collect and process, and gives you insights you didn’t have before on the accuracy of the data shared.

With the Lending API, you can:

  1. Automate affordability assessments using categorized bank data.
  2. Assess financial strength of a company with our debt report.
  3. Streamline ratio calculation with categorized financial statements.
  4. Refresh borrower data at any time without the need for costly manual data collection.


Our Lending API empowers you with a host of features to help you streamline your underwriting process:

  • Bank statements

    Underwrite with accurate, real-time cash flows enriched with spend and income categories.

  • Sales

    Underwrite with real-time data from SMB's payments and shopping platforms.

  • Financial statements

    Automate financial statement and ratio analysis with a fully standardized profit and loss and balance sheet.

  • Liabilities

    Comprehensive loan insights and credit history analysis.

  • Accounts receivable

    Assess debtor risk in real time with accounts receivable insights.

  • Accounts payable

    Enhance underwriting precision with streamlined accounts payable insights.

Supported integrations




Build with client libraries

Use our comprehensive SDKs to kick-start and simplify your developers' journey automating the collection of your customers' financial data and making an assessment of a small business's financial health and performance. The SDKs come in multiple languages and provide sample requests and responses for the full range of lending and underwriting scenarios.