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Learn about our Zettle integration

Zettle is a point-of-sale (POS) provider that makes it easy for merchants to take payments and track their sales, all in one place.

Use Codat's Commerce API with Zettle to securely connect to, retrieve, and view your customers' commerce transactions.

Data type coverage

View the coverage of our Zettle integration in the Data coverage explorer.

For more information about the supported data types, see Zettle integration reference.

Set up the integration

See Set up the Zettle integration to learn how to set up and enable the integration.

Underlying provider requirements

The Zettle APIs are not supported in the United States.

Regardless of where you are located when building your app, you can integrate with Zettle only in supported markets.

The Zettle Food & Drink integration is now deprecated and the documentation has been removed.

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