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Learn about our Stripe integration

Stripe is an international online payment processing platform that handles credit card payments and charges on behalf of small businesses.

Use Codat's Commerce API with Stripe to securely connect to, retrieve, and view your customers' commerce transactions.

Action required by existing users

The integration now uses Stripe Connect to establish authenticated connections between companies and Stripe data sources, rather than Stripe extensions.

If you're an existing user, you must configure your Stripe integration to use Stripe Connect before you can link any more customers (merchants). Existing data connections are unaffected until 2024, the planned deprecation date for Stripe extensions.

See Set up the Stripe integration for the steps you need to take to update your integration.

Data type coverage

View the coverage of our Stripe integration in the Data coverage explorer.

Available integrations

Codat provides two Stripe integrations: Stripe Test and Stripe. The following table explains what each integration is used for.

IntegrationConnects to...Retrieves...
Stripe TestStripe test mode using the test client ID and test Secret key.Test data from Stripe, available for Company info, Customers, Disputes, Payments, Products, and Transactions.
StripeStripe live mode using the live client ID and live Secret key. To enable live mode, you must first activate your Stripe account by providing additional information about your business.Live data from production Stripe accounts.

Switch between test and live modes

You can switch between test mode and live mode in Stripe using the toggle at the top right of the Stripe dashboard.

Test mode switch

Set up the integration

See Set up your Stripe integration to learn how to set up and enable the integration.

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