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Explore the range of commerce platforms you can connect to through our API.

Our suite of commerce integrations allow you to retrieve up-to-date ecommerce, payment, and point-of-sale data from your SMB customers' commerce platforms.

Supported commerce platforms

You can connect to the following commerce platforms using our integrations:

Subscription data - Contact your account manager or raise a ticket with our support team through the support request form to access these integrations.

To view and compare commerce data coverage by integration, use the Data coverage explorer and select the Commerce API product.

Commerce sandbox

For testing and evaluation, you can use our Commerce Sandbox integration to explore the data you can work with. This doesn't need any setup apart from enabling the integration itself.

Setting up commerce integrations

Most commerce platforms require you to register with them before you can access data from their platforms through Codat. In most cases, registration is free and only takes a few minutes.

Our documentation details the specific setup steps and requirements for each supported commerce platform.

PlatformRegistration requiredRegistration complexityMarketplace partner programConnection restrictionsAdditional information
Amazon seller centralYes*HardYesNo* You can request Codat's marketplace credentials to avoid registration by emailing [email protected].
BigCommerceNoNot requiredNoNoTo use this integration, a merchant must have the correct scopes set. If they don't have these scopes set, they need to create a new store API account and enter their new store credentials in Link (see SMB customer: Authenticate and connect your commerce data).
CloverYesEasyYesYesCompanies that offer lending services are not able to use the Clover API.
There are Sandbox and Production developer portals available. The Production portal differs for the US & Canada and UK & Europe.
Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series)YesEasyYesNoPartner application review typically takes up to 7 working days.
PaypalYesEasyNoYesYou must have and eIDAS certificate and be regulated under open banking to access the Paypal API.
PrestaShopNoNot requiredYesNo
ShopifyYes*HardYesYes* Companies that provide capital loans are not able to register a public app with Shopify.
Public app approval may take up to 2 weeks. Codat offers connections via custom apps as an alternative.
StripeYesEasyYesNoProduction accounts must be verified by Stripe.
WooCommerceNoNot requiredNoNo
ZettleYesEasyNoNoThe Zettle APIs are not currently supported in the United States.

Platform keys

Each integration has a unique 4-character key that identifies it in our APIs. For reference, a list of all commerce integration platform keys can be found below

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