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Explore the range of platforms you can connect to through our Commerce API.

Our suite of commerce integrations allow you to retrieve up-to-date ecommerce, payment, and point-of-sale data from your SMB customers' commerce platforms.

Supported commerce platforms

You can connect to the following commerce platforms using our integrations:

* Available through the Domain Discovery Program.

To view and compare commerce data coverage by integration, use the Data coverage explorer and select the Commerce API product.

Commerce sandbox

For testing and evaluation, you can use our Commerce Sandbox integration to explore the data you can work with. This doesn't need any setup apart from enabling the integration itself.

Setting up commerce integrations

Most commerce platforms require you to register with them before you can access data from their platforms through Codat. In most cases, registration is free and only takes a few minutes.

Our documentation details the specific setup steps and requirements for each supported commerce platform.

You can also refer to Commerce platform keys to view the unique 4-character keys that identify commerce platforms in our APIs.

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