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Resolve common errors

Lending API error codes

Error codeDescription
100A required dataset is not available for the company (either not supported, not synced, not enabled or sync failed).
101Data type {dataType} has not yet been requested or the sync is not yet complete.
105A company is missing a required data connection, e.g. banking, accounting, commerce.
110Could not retrieve the requested data.
120There is no data for the requested date range.
130Invalid account category is set for account {accountId} ({category}.{subType}.{detailType}).
200Required parameters are missing from the request, e.g. company id.
215Data connection not found or data connection is not an accounting data source.
220Access denied.
230Company has no data source connected.
300You don't have the Lending API product enabled. Enable Lending in the Codat Portal or contact your sales representative.
320Calculated equity for one or more periods don't equal net assets.
330Can't generate Excel for company {companyId} because required parameters are missing from the request.
331Can't generate report for type {reportType}.

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