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Discover streamlined, opinionated tutorials and build guides with demo apps to fast-track your proficiency in Codat's diverse use cases

We offer build guides that help users quickly dive into various use cases. Our opinionated guides focus on the main job-to-be-done, providing demo apps so you can see your use case in action immediately.

Our current guides and tutorials:

  • Building a prototype dashboard with Retool

    Watch video →

    Ingest and visualize Codat data in a custom Retool dashboard in 10 minutes

  • Invoice financing

    Follow the guide →

    Lend against invoices leveraging our Lending API

  • Streamline your customers' Accounts Payable processes

  • Bank feeds reconciliation with QuickBooks Online

    Follow the guide →

    Save your customers' time by automating bank transaction reconciliation

  • Loan writeback

    Follow the guide →

    Follow our best practices to correctly account for a loan programmatically

  • Loan qualification

    Follow the guide →

    See how Codat helps check a loan applicant’s finances and automate decision-making