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Accounting for beginners

Getting to grips with accounting terminology and principles

Throughout our documentation, you may see unfamiliar terms and accounting-specific principles. While we try to keep things as simple as possible, some understanding of accounting will definitely help you out. We've collated a number of third-party resources that might help get you started below.

You can also refer to our new (work in progress) glossary for a quick rundown of terms we use in our docs.

  • Back to basics: key accounting terms in plain English


    FreeAgent's Chief Accountant, Emily Coltman FCA, gives you the plain English definitions for everyday accounting terms so you can confidently discuss your business finances.

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  • Accounting For Developers, Part I

    Modern Treasury

    In this first part of a two-part series, Modern Treasury walk through basic accounting principles for anyone building products that move and track money.

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  • Accounting For Developers, Part II

    Modern Treasury

    In this second part of a two-part series, Modern Treasury build a ledger for a Venmo clone by applying the accounting principles covered in Part I.

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  • Accounting for Computer Scientists

    Martin Kleppman

    Martin Kleppman explains basic principles of accounting using graphs, providing the background needed to understand the financial statements for a small company.

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