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Developer resources

Demo apps, tutorials, sample code, starter projects, and other tools to help you build your Codat solution

Build guides

  • Invoice finance - Go through the invoice financing process flow, from establishing a connection with a borrower's accounting platform to issuing a decision on selected invoices.
  • Bill pay - Streamline and automate the Accounts Payable (AP) process for your SMB customers.
  • Bank transactions reconcilliation - Reconciling bank transactions with QuickBooks Online using Codat's Bank Feeds API.
  • Loan writeback - Simplify your implementation with our loan writeback best practices guide and correctly account for a loan programmatically.
  • Loan qualification - See how Codat helps check a loan applicant’s finances and automate decision-making.
  • Prototype dashboard with Retool - Ingest and visualize Codat data in a custom Retool dashboard in 10 minutes.

Demo apps

Examples of user experiences you can build with Codat. Inspiration only - this is opinionated code you should be cautious of using in your own app.


Tools you can use within your code.

Sample projects

Examples of what you can do with Codat with code you can use in your app.

Starter projects

Minimal code to quickly start building something with Codat.

  • Next.js starter - You're 5 minutes away from your first Codat API call with this simple Next.js app starter.

Postman Collection

Codat's POSTMAN Collection - A collection of Postman scripts covering multiple products and processes, such as our:

  • Authentication journey
  • Sync for Commerce
  • Sync for Expenses
  • Xero's General Lending Write Back
  • Self-Service OAUTH migrations

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