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Enable deprecations

Get ahead of upcoming deprecations in the Portal

Access to Codat Developers

This page is only available to users with developer and administrator user roles.

API deprecations

This section lists all upcoming deprecations with self-serve feature buttons. These buttons allow you to manage the deprecations and opt-in to them before their planned implementation dates.

For each upcoming deprecation, we provide a brief description and its implementation date. The date is always listed in your local format.

We also link each deprecation to its respective Important updates entry, where you can find further details of the change.

A detailed deprecation entry screenshot

Make sure you review the specifics of the deprecation and complete any necessary preparations and testing before enabling it.

Once you are ready, click Enable to switch the deprecation on for your organization early. You can use the same button to disable the deprecation and revert to previous behavior if necessary.

For more information on breaking changes and how we communicate these to you, review our change policy.

Deprecation dates

Note that if your organization's client is newly created, some deprecations will automatically be enabled for you and not available in the self-serve list.

Additionally, deprecations are no longer available to self-serve once their implementation date has passed.

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