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Optimize your auth flow

Best practices to improve your customer's authorization journey experience

Simply allowing your SMB customers to connect their accounts is just the beginning. Now you should optimize your flow to ensure connectivity with your customers.

What we'll cover

This guide is based on our experience of working with apps and services using Codat’s API, with thousands of SMBs connecting every day. We have broken down these optimizations by focus:

Consider these optimization areas a "go-live checklist". In the following sections, we are going to take a closer look at each of the points.

Each section includes...

  • The positive impact that you can expect from following our recommendations, including the potential conversion rate increase*.
  • A helpful checklist to use when building your authorization flow.

Codat has analyzed implementations and the dropoff/conversion rate at each stage. We were able to attribute a positive correlation to the execution of each of the five critical areas.

Measuring success

We also equip you with a tool for monitoring your auth flow's performance.


For further resources on good design practices and some inspiration, Codat recommends:

  • Checklist Design: a collection of the best design practices
  • Mobbin: the world’s largest mobile app design reference library
Think about your use case

While these recommendations apply universally, some examples are more relevant for specific use cases, such as lending and underwriting, insights, or reconciliation.

For more examples and further help optimizing your flow, you can contact your account manager if you are on our Enterprise plan.

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