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Set up the Oracle NetSuite bank feeds integration

Set up our integration with Oracle NetSuite bank feeds

Before you can establish a bank feed to Oracle NetSuite, you need to set up the Oracle NetSuite accounting integration in the Codat Portal.

In this article, we explain how to:

  • Create a company and a data connection to Oracle NetSuite.
  • Provide Codat with source bank accounts your SMB users can connect to.
  • Redirect the user to the Codat-provided account mapping user interface to connect their source bank accounts to target bank accounts in NetSuite.


Bank feeds functionality is part of our existing Oracle NetSuite accounting integration and uses the same bundle. To enable bank feeds, you must first enable the NetSuite integration.

To learn more about installing the NetSuite bundle, see our overview of the NetSuite company linking journey.

Create a company​

Use our Create company endpoint to create a company that represents your SMB user in Codat. The endpoint returns a JSON response containing the company ID id and the redirect URL redirect.

Create a company
Request body
"name": "{CompanyName}"

Create a connection

Use our Create connection endpoint to establish a data connection to NetSuite for the company you added. Specify the company ID in the URL path and the NetSuite platform key in the body:

Create connection
Request body - NetSuite
"platformKey": "akxx"

The endpoint returns a dataConnection object in PendingAuth status, containing a connection id and a linkUrl. Later, you'll use the linkUrl to redirect the SMB user to the account mapping UI.

Response example - Create connection (200)
"id": "b52ae406-bdef-40df-a586-ed96bef3590f",
"integrationId": "4fb72939-e59d-4e8b-90f2-59b85b7fc75d",
"integrationKey": "akxx",
"sourceId": "76b3c892-c852-4aec-a835-e453497a99d5",
"platformName": "Oracle NetSuite",
"linkUrl": "",
"status": "PendingAuth",
"lastSync": "2023-11-10T15:07:46.2597036Z",
"created": "2023-11-10T11:23:48.0000000Z",
"sourceType": "Accounting"

Add bank accounts

Use the Create source account endpoint to add a new source bank account:

Create bank feed bank accounts
  POST /companies/{companyId}/connections/{connectionId}/connectionInfo/bankFeedAccounts

For the {connectionId} parameter, use the connection id you received in the response from the Create connection request. In the request body, specify a source bank account you want to make available to the SMB user. The endpoint returns a 200 code and the details of the created bank account.

For example, to add a credit card account, send the following request:

Request body (all fields are required)
"id": "acc-002", // set to desired unique ID
"accountName": "Credit Card",
"accountType": "Credit",
"accountNumber": "12345670",
"currency": "GBP",
"balance": 99.99 // can be 0

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