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Map accounts and establish a bank feed

Review and select the options available to you to provide an account mapping interface to your SMB customer and establish a bank feed

Once you have created the source account, provide your customer with a user interface (UI) so they can select the target accounts in their accounting platform. This will tell us where exactly a bank feed should be established. You can use one of the following options to provide the mapping UI:

Map using our interface

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Use our pre-built mapping interface to launch your app with minimal development effort. It is designed to meet all third-party requirements and supports logo and primary color scheme customization.

Map using our API

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For a more integrated user experience, you can build your own interface using our API's account mapping endpoints so that your users can map their accounts directly within your application.

Platform-specific mapping

Integrations listed in this section require that the account mapping is conducted within the accounting platform itself. Follow our integration-specific bank feed guides to learn more about their prerequisites, functionality, and implementation details.

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