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Bank feeds setup


Creating a company

Within the bank feeds api, a company represents a business that wishes to export their transactions from your application to their accounting software, the first step of the process is to create a company in Codat:

You can create a company by using the Create company endpoint:

POST /companies

"name": "{CompanyName}"

Creating a data connection

Using the Create a data connection endpoint, create a data connection to the chosen accounting package for the company.

In the request body specify one of the following as the platformKey

Accounting platformplatformKey
Quickbooks Online Bankfeedshcws
Sage Bank Feedsolpr

Sample request to create a QuickBooks Online Data Connection for a company.

POST /companies/:companyId/connections
"platformKey": "hcws"

Deauthorizing a dataConnection

If the company wishes to revoke the connection to their accounting package, you can do so using the unlink-connection endpoint.

PATCH /companies/:companyId/connections/:connectionId
"status": "Unlinked"

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