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Webhook event types

Learn about the event types that are available to you for consumption

Codat supports the following event types you can consume using the Codat Portal or our API. Use them to respond to changes in your companies and their data.

Navigate to Monitor > Webhooks > Events > Event Catalog to view this list and each event's payload directly in the Portal.

Still using our /rules endpoints?

The names of our new event types differ from our legacy rule types. We added the legacy name column to the table below so you can easily determine which event type you need to consume.

Event typeLegacy rule typeEvent description
AccountCategoriesUpdatedAccount Categories UpdatedTriggered anytime a company's accounts are categorized. This can be when Codat updates the suggested category fields or a user updates the confirmed category fields.
bankFeeds.sourceAccount.connectedN/AIndicates a bank feed source account has changed to a status of connected.
bankFeeds.sourceAccount.disconnectedN/AIndicates a bank feed source account has changed to a status of disconnected.
ClientRateLimitReachedRate Limit ReachedTriggered when the number of requests to Codat's API from the client exceeds the current quota.
ClientRateLimitResetRate Limit ResetTriggered when the rate limit quota has reset for the client, and more requests to the API are available.
DataConnectionStatusChangedDataConnectionStatusChangedTriggered when a data connection status of a specific company changes.
DataSyncCompletedData sync completedGenerated for each dataType to indicate that data synchronization is successfully completed for that specific data type.
DataSyncStatusChangedToErrorData Sync Status Changed To ErrorTriggered when the synchronization of a dataset fails.
DatasetDataChangedDataset data changedGenerated for each dataType to indicate that dataset synchronization has completed and updated Codat's data cache through the creation of new records or a change to existing records.
NewCompanySynchronizedNew company synchronisedTriggered when initial syncs are complete for all data types queued for a newly connected company, and at least one of those syncs is successful.
PushOperationStatusChangedPush Operation Status Changed()Indicates that a create, update, or delete operation's status has changed. You can learn more about push operations at Codat.
PushOperationTimedOutPush Operation Timed OutIndicates that a create, update, or delete operation has timed out. You can learn more about timeouts for push operations at Codat.
SyncCompletedSync CompletedTriggered anytime an expense sync completes.
Used for Sync for Expenses only.
SyncConnectionDeletedSync Connection DeletedIndicates a Sync for Commerce connection has been deleted.
Used for Sync for Commerce only.
SyncFailedSync FailedIndicates a failure occurred during an expense sync.
Used for Sync for Expenses only.